Our new blog



Next to our website, KASM has decided to start a blog. We hope that all of you interested in and worried about the developments around seabed mining in the New Zealand waters will visit often and take part in the discussion and the information gathering necessary to fight the mining with sound arguments  and that with this blog we add to the public debate.

Note that this blog is dedicated to the struggle against  non-essential seabed mining. We appreciate that there are a huge number of ecological and possibly related subjects floating about in cyberspace. We have choosen to dedicate this site solely to the subject of seabed mining. We would appreciate it if you did the same. also we would like to point out that this is a moderated site. In order to be permitted to comment you will need to leave your name and e-mail and you will need to be a subscriber to wordpress.com. This is free and will allow you to start your own blog if you so choose. 

Happy blogging

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2 Responses to Our new blog

  1. margarets says:

    Good to know that there is finally a site were we can centralize our actions, and knowledge.
    Keep it coming.
    Margaret S.

  2. mcnatty says:

    Hi there you will find me here and as a contributor on blacksands.org.nz Our latest effort was to make a substantial submission to the Crown Minerals Programme – regulations under the Crown Mnerals Act.

    There were a number of important issues the the people at Crown Minerals had ommitted as warranting consideration when they drafted their discussion document. You can read the full submission on the blacksands.org.nz website

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