From Taranaki to Auckland the battle for our seabeds is on!

Today instead of being a rather bland day turned out to be a day of activism and the revival of KASM or Kiwi’s Against Seabed Mining. I joined the group five and a half years ago when I first arrived here but as the whole seabed mining topic was temporarily put on ice the energy towards anti seabed mining activism dissipated and while a tenacious group kept KASM alive most of us including me turned away towards more acute issues and in my case towards international finance, the global banking cartel and the pending economic collapse but this morning at 9:00 I received an emailed call to arms.

Our local marae was hosting a meeting with the representative of (TTR) the Trans Tasman Mining giant which has set it’s greedy international FOCUS ON MINING OUR SEABED. KASM and the community decided to show in a non violent peaceful way that we were not going to to take the invasion of mining companies hell bent on the destruction of the habitat of species such as the severely threatened Maui dolphin lying down.

It was an inspiring event and the reason why I have proposed to reinvigorate the already existing blog called KASM or Kiwi’s Against Seabed Mining to be able to give voice to the activists in the forefront of the battle against the looting of our seabed.

Please like the Facebook page and visit the blog a only your first comment will be moderated so you can send in your info or comment.

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