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World mining giant targets North Island

By Wayne Thompson¬† One of the world’s largest mining companies has begun an airborne survey of 1200sq km of mineral-rich ironsand deposits along the west coast of the North Island. The Rio Tinto company is managing the hunt for iron … Continue reading

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Do we want Rio Tinto to tempt our politicians and military with huge bribes?

According to a 2005 article in the Times, Freeport which is a Rio Tinto subsidiary,¬† engaged in major bribing to be allowed to mine gold in a remote area in Papua. As Rio Tinto ogles the seabed along the entire … Continue reading

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The chapters

As different coastal communities realise that their coastal integrity is under attack many of them feel the need to organise themselves to fight against the industrial intruders. KASM offers all of those requiring so, support while remaining mindfull of the fact that every community has … Continue reading

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