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Do we want Rio Tinto to tempt our politicians and military with huge bribes?

According to a 2005 article in the Times, Freeport which is a Rio Tinto subsidiary,¬† engaged in major bribing to be allowed to mine gold in a remote area in Papua. As Rio Tinto ogles the seabed along the entire … Continue reading

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Rio Tinto New: New one same as the old

Rio Tinto projects itself as a responsible cooperate world citizen. But it has an impressive¬†history of human rights abbuses, and environmental pollution dissasters. In its 2003 Human rights declaration it states that they work according to the internation declaration of … Continue reading

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Rio Tinto finally get’s what it had coming

Fighting Corporate Copper in Bougainville Multinational polluter Rio Tinto sued under Alien Tort Claims Act for causing deaths of 10,000 Papua New Guineans Read the entire article here

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