Fracking causes Earthquakes new study confirms

Not surprisingly the new study confirmed what most of us already knew. If you build up pressure under the surface of our planet with liquids to distract volume you trigger movements we know as earthquakes. Duh!

The process of hydraulic fracturing is a mining technique which uses injected fluid to propagate fractures in a rock layer to release hydrocarbon deposits that would otherwise be un-commercial. Developed in the U.S. and first used in 1947 for stimulating of oil and natural gas wells, the use of “fracking” soared in the past decade as thousands of wells have been drilled into the Marcellus Formation, also referred to as the Marcellus Shale, a deposit of marine sedimentary rock found in eastern North America.

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So why are we being looted now?

To most people it may seem as if the current hurry to sell New Zealand’s assets is solely the result of the stupidity of Kiwi’s electing National as their Government but the truth is that National or Labour could not have prevented it because our assets are being sold not because of a philosophical or political doctrine but because there is a problem with the thing we call money.

Our money you see it what is called a fiat currency and it is not related to anything of value and the powers that be are printing more and more of it but people are catching on and the only way for the “rich” people to “keep” their wealth is to buy up real world wealth with their worthless digital and paper fiat money.

I thought I’d put up a 45 minute animation video that explains real simple how our money is is created and while it may not have anything to do with mining it does explain what we will get in exchange for our beautiful country being robbed of its resources and maybe it will serve to make you even more angry and please, please please share this with your loved ones and all who will listen

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State Officials In Alabama Close Gulf Shrimping After Scientists Find Severe Deformities

I’m waiting for the first deformed species to emerge on the East coast in the wake of the Rena disaster.

After scientists and fishermen have found severe deformities in a substantial percentage of Gulf seafood, the State of Alabama have moved to shut down shrimping.

WERC-FM local news reports:

Some area waters along the Gulf Coast will close to shrimping starting today.  The areas closed are all waters in the Mississippi Sound, Mobile Bay, areas of Bon Secour, Wolf Bay, and Little Lagoon.  The closure comes after scientists found smaller than average population of shrimp and lesions. They say the plan to test the water and will continue to run samples until the waters are re-opened.  There is no set time when the waters will be open for shrimping again

Local ABC affiliate WEAR TV reports:

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Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

The Bring Change event featuring Tiki Taane, Minuit, Jason Kerrison and more scheduled in Christchurch this weekend has had a last min venue change due to the expected numbers. We will now be at Riccarton Raceway and the days events begin at 11am and wind up at 4pm, Saturday 28th April (this weekend)

We are pleased to offer you this terrific line up. It is wonderful to see so many waking to the issues that face us in New Zealand today and the Fracking and Sea Bed Mining is certainly an issue that cannot go unseen.  The effect on our environment/water/health and the future for our children and grandchildren can no longer be ignored.

Join us in this fantastic community event and help us spread the word!

Gold coin donation is the entry fee, bring a picnic or support our food and beverage vendors.

CHANGE starts right here and with YOU!

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Better late than never: KASM supports the Hikoi!!!

According to an email I received today KASM (Kiwis against seabed mining) OK’s support of the Hikoi. Well better late than never!

Here is where to catch up with the Hikoi Auckland: Victoria park 2:00 pm and in Hamilton around 11:00 am on Sunday 28th April at the North side of the Town.

Big placards are in order to make sure people know you are one of the Kiwis who hate seabed mining and you like every frigging Kiwi should are supporting the Hikoi and give a big NO to asset sales.

Here is the itinerary again:

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the Hikoi starts today

For all of you sitting on the fence; I think there is no better time to put aside your petty prejudices and get out there and join the Hikoi to tell John Key and his international Robber baron mates that New Zealand and it’s sea beds are not for sale.

Join the Hikoi when it arrives in a place close to you. I’ll be in Hamilton Sunday 29th 11:00 AM. Join me if you can!!!

Updates to follow!!!

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Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists

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