Explosive gas cloud spewing from leaking ‘well from hell’ off British coast is growing and could take six months to stop, experts warn

A giant explosive cloud hanging over a North Sea rig could take six months to clear and may expand towards the Scottish coast, it was warned today.

The huge underwater reservoir tapped by oil giant Total’s Elgin platform, which sits 150 miles from Aberdeen, is known as the ‘well from hell’ because it is so difficult to plug.
An exclusion zone stretching up to four miles has been set up around the platform because it could explode.
The exact source of the leak is still a mystery but it is escaping out of the platform, which has pumped gas and oil to Britain for the past decade.
Total say they are considering a drilling relief well to divert the gas, which would be a safe way to end the crisis, but it could take up to six months.
A giant explosive cloud hanging over a North Sea rig could take six months to clear and may expand towards the Scottish coast, it was warned today.
The huge underwater reservoir tapped by oil giant Total’s Elgin platform, which sits 150 miles from Aberdeen, is known as the ‘well from hell’ because it is so difficult to plug.
An exclusion zone stretching up to four miles has been set up around the platform because it could explode.
The exact source of the leak is still a mystery but it is escaping out of the platform, which has pumped gas and oil to Britain for the past decade.
Total say they are considering a drilling relief well to divert the gas, which would be a safe way to end the crisis, but it could take up to six months.

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Media Release: EDS calls for urgent action to halt the catastrophic decline in Maui’s dolphin numbers

The Department of Conservation today released a research report which estimates that there are now only 55 adult Maui’s dolphins remaining.
“This is a perilously low number,” said EDS Policy Director, Raewyn Peart. “Every effort must urgently be made to save the Maui’s dolphin from extinction.”
“EDS applauds the announcement by Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson and Primary Industries Minister David Carter that they are considering extending the set net ban south along the Taranaki coast. It is essential that this is put in place as soon as possible.
“We also need to ensure full observer coverage of any fishing vessels operating within the marine mammal sanctuary area. Without this measure, there is no certainty that the set net bans are being adhered to.
“In addition, the Auckland Council, Northland Regional Council and Waikato Regional Council will need to urgently strengthen provisions in their regional coastal plans to ensure that activities such as mining and coastal development do not adversely impact on the dolphins.
“Under the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement, councils are legally obliged to change their plans if necessary to avoid adverse effects on threatened species.
“The Maui’s dolphin is the most threatened cetacean on the planet and we all need to work together to pull it back from the brink,” concluded Ms Peart.
Due to spam and safety concerns we don not publish telephone numbers or email addresses.

Environmental Defence Society
PO Box 95 152, Swanson, Auckland 0653  | New Zealand

For more information about EDS go to www.eds.org.nz; www.edsconference.com
The Community Guide to the Resource Management Act go to www.rmaguide.org.nz

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Top surfer worries Raglan under threat

Professional surfer and environmentalist Dave Rastovich worries that the world class waves at Raglan are being threatened by proposed iron ore seabed mining in New Zealand’s coastal waters.

Kiwi-born Rastovich attended a recent protest in Raglan that coincided with the arrival of Andy Sommerville of Australian mining company Trans Tasman Resources (TTR).

Sommerville was there to meet local iwi at Poihakena Marae to discuss TTR’s plans to extract  one billion tonnes of iron ore along the west coast of the North Island, a process that involves moving five billion tones of sand.

It’s not just the waves that are threatened, there are also fears for the critically endangered Maui’s Dolphin.

Australian-based Rastovich, a former world junior surfing champion who gave away the competitive scene to be a sponsored free-surfer, is a co-founder of the respected international environmental NGO Surfers for Cetaceans.

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Fishermen foul over net ban call

Commercial fishermen are fighting a push by conservationists to extend the set net ban into Taranaki waters to protect the endangered Maui’s dolphins.

Fish and Bird are calling for the Government to extend the ban into Taranaki waters. The ban now runs along the coast from the North Taranaki bight to north of the Kaipara Harbour.

But Egmont Seafood managing director Keith Mawson said the Taranaki fishing community was strongly against the ban which he says unfairly singles out their industry and would put their livelihood at risk.

On Saturday hundreds of Raglan residents rallied to protest against seabed mining on the west coast of the North Island noting that the area was home to the small dolphin which is one of the world’s most endangered species.

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Government plans to make mineral exploration easier

The Government is planning “significant” changes to the Crown Minerals Act next year to make it easier for miners to explore and then extract minerals, and it will consult the public and industry soon.

The Government has indicated for some time that it intends reviewing the act, which sets out the regulatory framework for prospecting and mining, activities it wants to boost under its economic development plan.

“We’re going to make significant changes to the Crown Minerals Act because conversations to date under previous ministers have found that there are opportunities to improve the way that companies can access our minerals, apply for opportunities to explore, that type of thing,” Energy and Resources Minister Phil Heatley told the Herald.

A consultation paper will be released early this year to inform the Government on changes to the act.

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Seabed mining will be an issue for the No Asset sale Hikoi in April

According to Mike Smith organiser and spokesperson for the no Asset sale Hikoi which will take place in April and which will span the entire North Island, Seabed mining is a huge issue and will be addressed in the Hikoi.

KASM is invited to make a presentation which will be shown during the entire Hikoi and is invited to represent the people most impacted by the impending destruction of marine life and the habitat of the last remaining 55 Maui dolphins.

More information follows!

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National Hikoi against asset sales

Update: Someone pointed out to me that there were changes in the itinerary as the Hamilton part seems to have vanished of the list. Ngaruawahia is the closest by for those wanting to attend from Raglan and environs. I’ll try to keep it as updated as possible over the next couple of weeks and yo can also link to the facebook page for the Hikoi  

Here is the itinerary for the Hikoi against the planned asset sales! For all of you who can I would like to implore you to put your differences aside and use it as a platform for all of us to protest the looting of this country by foreign plunderers enabled by our bankster Prime minister.

Here is Te Ururoa Flavell interviewing Mike Smith about the “Aotearoa is not for sale” Hikoi.

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KASM meeting in the community house in Raglan

Tonight at 7:00 pm there is a KASM meeting in Raglan in the community house at the top of Bow street on the left side just past the roundabout.

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PM John Key is poised to push the world’s rarest and smallest dolphin into extinction.

Well done for bringing this to such a wide audience and to be able to connect it to the destructive nature of the Seabed mining issue too!!!

Via KASM Activist Vera:

Dear friends across New Zealand,

Despite the Maui dolphin’s precarious status, the government continues to allow dolphin-killing net fishing and is considering granting seabed mining licenses in their only habitat.

Responding to public pressure, the government opened a public inquiry into the dolphin — but while they talk, dolphins die. Our outcry can force PM Key to immediately ban net fishing and seabed mining in the Maui’s dolphin’s home. If we get 10,000 signatures, we’ll personally deliver the message to the PM:


The Maui’s dolphin is one of New Zealand’s treasures — it is the smallest dolphin in the world, and the only with a rounded dorsal fin. Visitors to its habitat are often greeted by the playful dolphin, who spend most of their time feeding in the shallow waters of the North Island’s west coast.

But fishing and mining lobbies are critically endangering the Maui dolphin. Without protection, they’ll be gone within the next decade. Mining giant TTR is pitching an “ultra-low cost” seabed mining operation in the dolphin’s home, and have already drilled 500 seabed cores looking for minerals to mine. If they go ahead, the Maui’s dolphin is as good as gone.

Locals are in the street protesting this plan — and pressure has been slowly building. The government’s public inquiry is great news, but unless action is taken now it might be too late. Sign the petition to ensure PM John Key uses his powers to institute an immediate ban on net fishing and mining while the inquiry investigates further:


Together, our community is winning the struggle to protect our oceans around the world. In 2010, 1.2 million Avaaz members played a crucial role in stopping Japan’s push to legalise commercial whaling, and last month nearly 600,000 of us supported the Australian government’s plan to establish the world’s largest marine reserve. Saving the Maui’s dolphin is about so much more than a unique animal — it’s about our power to protect our planet and save what matters most.

With hope,

Emma, David, Paul, Emily and the whole Avaaz team


Dolphin’s death reignites calls for set net ban (New Zealand Herald):

Govt criticised over Maui dolphin response (TVNZ):

Dolphin’s extinction could cause ripple effect (Independent Online):

Protect Last 55 Adult Maui’s Dolphins Now (Scoop):

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Mining in our reserves? It was only a matter of time: meet the third board member of Cosby and Textor

For all of those appalled by the suggestion that we should start mining in New Zealand’s reserves I have to say it was only a matter of when not if when National was voted in. Remember the PR team John Key phoned the moment he was nominated to run for National? Yep you got it. Cosby and Textor. The Tory boys who have kept our NWO boy out of trouble.

As I pointed out well before the election the board of C&T has a third board member. In fact he is the chairman of their board. His name is Robert Champion de Crespigny, AC. Mr de Crispigny is also a board member of a neo-liberal think tank in Sidney who surprise surprise also has a special page for it’s think tank activities in New Zealand with on that same board a lady who is well known for her Ruthanasia activities in the early 90ties. Yep you got it in one Ruth Richardson.

Mr de Crispigny is a very rich man. He is a very powerful man and a man who usually gets what he wants.

What does he want? well, since he made his money digging up half of Australia mining for gold and other resources my guess would be that he is the driving force for the destruction of New Zealand’s reserves and my guess is that John Key will give him what he wants. He knows after all how dire the financial situation of New Zealand really is. What with borrowing 9 billion dollars from the Federal Reserve of New York in October 2008 already.

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For those of you wanting to leave info or comment on posts

In order to help keep the blog clean and spam free I’ve put in a little filter.

If you leave a comment it will have to be approved first in order to determine if you are legit or a spam bot. The good news is this only has to happen once. after the initial approval you are free to leave comments and information.

In order to facilitate I will post a general mike post every day in the hope that as the blog grows this will be used to share information and if important enough it will be upgraded to a regular post!

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Link to the Hector and Maui dolphin blog

Here is a link to the Hector and Maui dolphin blog you might find interesting!

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From Taranaki to Auckland the battle for our seabeds is on!

Today instead of being a rather bland day turned out to be a day of activism and the revival of KASM or Kiwi’s Against Seabed Mining. I joined the group five and a half years ago when I first arrived here but as the whole seabed mining topic was temporarily put on ice the energy towards anti seabed mining activism dissipated and while a tenacious group kept KASM alive most of us including me turned away towards more acute issues and in my case towards international finance, the global banking cartel and the pending economic collapse but this morning at 9:00 I received an emailed call to arms.

Our local marae was hosting a meeting with the representative of (TTR) the Trans Tasman Mining giant which has set it’s greedy international FOCUS ON MINING OUR SEABED. KASM and the community decided to show in a non violent peaceful way that we were not going to to take the invasion of mining companies hell bent on the destruction of the habitat of species such as the severely threatened Maui dolphin lying down.

It was an inspiring event and the reason why I have proposed to reinvigorate the already existing blog called KASM or Kiwi’s Against Seabed Mining to be able to give voice to the activists in the forefront of the battle against the looting of our seabed.

Please like the Facebook page and visit the blog a only your first comment will be moderated so you can send in your info or comment.

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Reactivation of the KASM blog

With Seabed mining having been somewhat dormant for a while the need to post on this blog was not a priority but with the mining efforts being stepped up by the powers that be I will be happy to introduce more writers and researchers on this blog while I will remain the administrator in the back ground helping the KASM writers and activists with a great platform to centralise their posts and resources.

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Proposed mining in the sea around NZ to become a reality in 2012-2013…

I have never used this blog as a political blog, but because it does have some New Zealand readership, maybe I should have. But I will discuss proposed mining  in the future. The National Government proposed last year  some mining in the conservation estate, but it went down like a lead balloon. But I suspect it was a government  making policy on the hoof.  Kiwis just don’t want  an irresponsible government such as the present one  interfering with our conservation estate.

There is an article in one of today’s Sunday papers on proposed mining in the sea around New Zealand. So I’m a little mystified as to why the National government attempted unsuccessfully to gain public  support for conservation estate mining when its fully aware of the proposal to tap the sunken treasures in the sea in New Zealand’s economic zone.

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Mine firm may seek consent next year

Trans-Tasman Resources may be ready to apply for consent to mine 30 square kilometres of the South Taranaki seabed later next year, the company’s environment and approvals manager Andy Sommerville says.

There have been two meetings in Wanganui for fishing people to learn about the company’s ironsand mining proposals, one to hear from Mr Sommerville and one on Sunday to hear from people who opposed mining. Sunday’s speakers were Wellington man Jim Mikos and a representative from Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM).

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Rio Tinto soars after rejecting $142bn BHP approach

By Nick Clark

Published: 09 November 2007


BHP Billiton is expected to return with an improved offer for Rio Tinto after the UK-based mining giant rejected a $142bn all-share approach that would create one of the largest companies in the world.

BHP, which has its headquarters in Melbourne, revealed yesterday it had approached the Rio board in the past two weeks outlining a “potential combination with Rio Tinto on terms incorporating a premium”.

Rumours of the “mega merger” between the world’s first and third largest mining groups have repeatedly circulated the market this year and BHP confirmed yesterday in a regulatory statement that it had made an indicative bid.

Shares in Rio Tinto, which is listed in London and Australia, leapt 21 per cent to a record 5,296p, valuing the company at $144bn last night. BHP shares fell 5.6 per cent to 1,656p.

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This PR firm has a office in Auckland, and owns the PR group Acumen with offices in Auckland and Wellington. They have done projects for Comalco and Rio Tinto. It is very likely that they will be hired to push for Seabed mining consents and other mining projects in NZ.
Considering the fact that this firm was the firm that brought Bush /Cheney to power, realise that this is the PR firm from hell.

By: Carmelo Ruiz

The public relations (PR) business is one of the fastest growing industries in the global market economy. In order to face perils like labor unions, organized consumer activists and environmental groups, governments and corporations have come to rely more on slick PR campaigns. The peril to popular democracy posed by PR firms should not be underestimated. Using the latest communications technologies and polling techniques, as well as an array of high-level political connections, PR flacks routinely “manage” issues for government and corporate clients and “package” them for public consumption. The result is a “democracy” in which citizens are turned into passive receptacles of “disinfotainment” and “advertorials” and in which critics of the status quo are defined as ignorant meddlers and/or dangerous outsiders.

Burson-Marsteller (B-M) is the world’s largest PR firm, with 63 offices in 32 countries and almost $200 million in income in 1994. Although its name is unknown to most people– even to many in activist circles– B-M is fast becoming an increasingly important cog in the propaganda machine of the new world order.

Human Rights, Anyone?

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Titanium or Water? Trouble brews in Southern India

Titanium is also part of the Blacksands attraction. 

by Nityanand Jayaraman

More than 5,000 people converged this month in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu to protest a deal that set the stage for the state government to appropriate almost 10,000 acres of land and hand it over to Tata Steel Corporation, a subsidiary of India’s largest conglomerate. The June 2007 agreement allows the giant company to mine ilmenite in Sathankulam, an agrarian pocket of India’s coastal countryside.

This ilmenite, when processed, yields titanium metal and titanium dioxide (TiO2), both extremely valuable products. But many locals are refusing to sell out of concern that the ilmenite mining operations and loss of land will destroy their traditional way of life and despoil the environment. At least 40 percent of the population — the landless and those engaged in household industries — depend on farming palmyra trees for subsistence or supplemental income.

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Iron Mountain, BHP, Fortescue Rise; Iron Ore Price to Soar 50% in 2008

And in the tenth month of 2007, the bull market brings forth Iron Mountain Mining, Ltd. (ASX:IRM) and sends its shares up 300% in one day.

 IRM was just one of many shares storming to new highs yesterday, as the ASX/200 made an all time intra-day high of 6,684. Iron Mountain announced high grade mineralisation at its Mt. Richardson iron project in West Australia. In its price-sensitive release to the ASX, the company said that “The Iron Mountain Prospect rock chip samples averaged 61.3% Iron (Fe) over two kilometers of strike.”

The company announced results from two-other drilling simples. Both indicated high-grade haematite iron mineralisation. Which is another way of saying….eureka! Except in this case, rather than finding real gold, Iron Mountain has found industrial gold…the raw material desired by Chinese steel mills.

And at the upper end of the share-market, Fortescue (ASX:FMG) and BHP (ASX:BHP) both continue their relentless climbs higher. Fortescue is now the 23rd largest company in Australia by market cap, despite the fact it has yet to deliver any product to customers or make a profit. The catalyst for yesterday’s 8% lurch higher was legal. BHP lost its appeal against a ruling that allows Fortescue access to BHP’s Mt. Newman railway line in the Pilbara.

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